Westox Wet Area Membrane is a butadiene rubber membrane and complies with AS/NZS 4858.


Westox Wet Area Membrane is a liquid applied membrane for showers, bathrooms and balconies waterproofing
prior to tiling. Wet Area Membrane can be used for flat roof applications but it is recommended that a coating is
applied over the top to protect from UV.


  • Easy to apply with brush and roller (single pack)
  • High Elasticity
  • Fast drying-typically touch drying in 1 hour @ 25ºc
  • Solvent and plasticiser free low VOC
  • Compatible with most single pack Ceramic Tile Adhesive
  • Resistant to caustic & sodium hypochlorite
  • High water resistance – Low vapour transmission
  • Non- toxic-Non-Hazardous


Water Absorption                                   24 hour submersion         0 – 6%
Tensile Strength                                    (500mm minute)               4N/
Elongation at break %                           480
pH                                                          9.0 to 10.0
Viscosity                                                RVT 4/60                          4000 ± 500
Solids by volume                                   % 60
Water Vapour Transmission                  (WVT)                              4g / m2 / 24hours@25ºc / 75% RH
Shore Hardness                                    70
S.G                                                        1.2kg/litre


Ensure all surfaces to be coated are clean, sound and free of dust. The surface to be coated should be
reasonably even so a uniform thickness can be applied. If surface is uneven then a mix of Westox CR-25 sand
and cement can be used to even the surface prior to the application of the Wet Area Membrane.
Westox Wet Area Membrane can be applied to damp substrates provided there is no free water present. If in
doubt, pre prime with Westox WB30 Epoxy allowing a minimum of 4 hours drying before applying the Westox
Wet Area Membrane. Consult our Technical Department if you require further advice.


Apply Wet Area Membrane in two coats at approximately 500ml/600g per m2 (600 micron WFT) Allow a
minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 24 hours between coats. The final dry film thickness (DFT) should not
be less than 600 microns. Reinforcement with Westox Polymesh is recommended at wall and floor junction.
Allow a minimum of 4 days cure prior to carrying out ponding tests or tiling, longer at low temperatures.


Wet Area Membrane is not suitable for use over expanded Polystyrene.
Do not apply at surface or air temperature below 10ºc.
Do not apply externally if wet weather is imminent.


Wash all equipment in fresh water immediately after use.


4 Litre / 15 Litre.


6 months.


Refer to Westlegate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.

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