High Quality Surface Finish Coating


Westox Wesflex is a water based, fast drying flexible coating for use on exterior applications. Westox
Wesflex is a high quality surface finishing coating, exhibiting excellent flexibility – durability.


Westox Wesflex is designed to provide a durable exterior weatherproof finish.
Westox Wesflex exhibits outstanding water resistance and crack spanning abilities and may be used
for exterior work, where aesthetics and performance are of paramount importance.


✓Water Resistant
✓Can be recoated.
✓Wide colour range
✓Excellent resistance to cracking and chalking.
✓High resin content.
✓Excellent flexibility.
✓Long life coating.
✓Excellent resistance to fungus attack.


  • UV Stability Excellent
  • Specific Gravity 1.2
  • pH 8.5 – 9.0
  • Solids 55+ 1%
  • Finish Satin
  • Boiling Point 100°c water based.
  • Not suitable for permanent immersion.


The surface to be treated should be clean and sound, free of oil, grease, flaking paint, laitance and
material deleterious to the adhesion of the coating system.
Not recommended for below grade waterproofing.
New concrete should be a minimum of 28 days old before application commences.
All holes and cracks are to be repaired prior to coating.
Do not apply coating if temperature is below 10°c or above 35°c.
Do not apply coating if rain is imminent.


Apply Wesflex at the coverage rate of 5 – 6m2 per Litre per coat. Two coats required.
Allow 4 hours drying time between coats the two coats will give a minimum D.F.T of 180 microns.


Wash all equipment in fresh water immediately after use.


15 Litre.


12 months.


Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.

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