Wesdex is a flexible deck coating. It is a granular profile coating formulated to provide a flexible finish for pedestrian traffic areas.


For weatherproofing, decorating, restoring and protecting, walkways, patios and decks.


  • Wide colour range including two tones.
  • Easily applied.
  • Extremely durable. 
  • Waterbased, no mixing required.
  • Weather and UV resistant.


 Specific Gravity  1.4
 Volume Solids  68% +/- 1%
 Flexibility  60% at 20°c
 Finish  Satin


  • Do not apply if temperature is below 10°c or above 35°c.
  • Do not apply coating externally if rain is imminent.

Not recommended for below grade waterproofing or concrete subject to rising or hydrostatic moisture.
New concrete should be a minimum 28 days old before application commences.
All holes and cracks can be repaired prior to coating.
The surface to be coated should be clean and sound, free from oil, grease, flaking paint and laitance and other deleterious materials.


Apply the appropriate Westox Primer.
Apply Westox Wesdex by brush, texture roller or spray to the prepared pre-primed surface.
Apply at the rate of 1m2 per Litre and finish off immediately to the required finished.
May also be spray applied using Westox Spray Unit or similar equipment.

  • Do not thin material.


Wash all equipment with fresh water immediately after use.


Container Size – 15 Litre containers.


Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.