Westox Stainphobics are poly functional self-dispersed polymers designed to penetrate porous stone and masonry to provide water and oil repellency. Available in 2 bases, one designed for alkaline substrates such as marble and limestone and the other for general purpose use.


Can be used on concrete, brick, stone and most porous building materials.


  • Allows the treated surface to breathe. (not a film)
  • Permanent capillary bond for durable protection.
  • Colourless, will not change the appearance or substrate colour.
  • V Stable.
  • Resistant to acids and alkalines.


Colour                                             Clear
Carrier                                            Water
Components                                  One
Application Method                       Roller, brush or low pressure pump spray
Theoretical coverage per coat Brick 2-5m² per litre, per coat
(2 ‘flood’ coats required)             Concrete 5m² per litre, per coat
Marble 10m2 per litre, per coat
Drying time                                    3 to 4 hours depending on number of applications.

Note: Coverage rates are intended as a guideline only. The texture and absorption characteristics of the surface will determine the actual coverage rate. Over-use may result in the formation of an undesirable surface film.


The surface should be clean and dry, free of any waxes, coatings, or finishes. Remove wax and acrylic finishes using a stripper and let the surface dry overnight before applying the


Apply the Stainphobic liberally in even coats using a new mop, lambs wool applicator, sponge or sprayer. Allow 30-60 minutes drying time between coats.

The surface is sealed when the sealer no longer soaks into the surface. Wipe off any Stainphobic that has not been absorbed within 10 minutes.


The first coat will completely absorb into the surface. Allow the surface to dry for 30 to 60 minutes and apply a second coat. If the second coat is not absorbed within 10 minutes, wipe off excess.

Some very porous surfaces may require a third coat.


Apply one or two coats of Stainphobic to the surface and wipe off any material that has not been absorbed within 10 minutes.


Clean tools and hands with soap and water immediately after use.


Stainphobic is formulated to allow for the prompt removal of stains. Small minor stains can be wiped off using a dry cloth or removed by using an absorbent material. Water blasting and steam cleaning may be used in conjunction with an alkaline degreaser cleaning agent on large areas or more stubborn stains.

OBS! Stains must be removed as soon as possible.


Container Size   5, 10, 20 and 200 Litre containers.
Shelf Life       6 months.
Store in cool, dry place.


This product will permanently mark and stain glass, mirrors, auto paints and powdered coatings, therefore take required action to prevent product from contact by masking or covering all areas except the area that is to be treated.

This product is not suitable for application by conventional high pressure spray equipment that will atomize or vapourise the product. Application should be carried out by low pressure (knapsack) garden type sprayer or suitable airless equipment that does not atomize or vapourise. Flood coating is the general term stated for application.


Provide adequate ventilation during application
Repeated or prolonged contact may cause injury to skin or eyes
Repeated or prolonged inhalation of vapour may cause respiratory irritation or intoxication Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions

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