Westox Stain Shield is a hydro fluro resin formulated to impregnate porous materials to provide
water and stain repellency.


Can be used on concrete, brick, stone and most porous building materials.


✓Allows the surface to breathe
 ✓Permanent capillary bond
 ✓Simple application
 ✓Chloride resistant
 ✓Water repellent
 ✓UV stable
 ✓Alkaline stable
 ✓Repels most oils, prevent staining from fatty foods


Color  Clear
 Active Ingredient Content 12-14 (W/W)%
Components  One
Application Method Roller, brush or lambs wool applicator
Drying times Touch dry 20 – 40 minutes @ 25°c
Full cure time 7 days
Theoretical coverage per coat 10 – 12 m2 / Litre per coat
Concrete 10 – 12 m2 / Litre per coat
Concrete 10m2 / Litre per coat
Concrete (steel trowel 12 – 15m2 / Litre per coat.


Coverage rates are intended as a guideline only. The texture and absorption characteristics of
the surface will determine the actual coverage rate. Over-use may result in the formation of an
undesirable surface film.


Surface cleanliness is critical to the final appearance of a substrate treated with Westox Stain
Shield. All oil, grease, form release agents and air pollution deposits must be removed prior to
application. New concrete or masonry restoration work must reach full 28 day cure strength
before application. Allow 48 hours drying after pressure cleaning or rain before application.
Application should be carried out by brush or roller.
This product is not suitable for application by spray equipment.


Westox Stain Shield is a single component solution and ready to use from the container.
To ensure best application, the substrate surface temperature should not be below 5°c or above
35°c, coverage will depend on the porosity of the substrate.
Apply in a uniform manner in sufficient quantity to completely wet out the substrate.
Overlap each pass to avoid gaps and areas of insufficient coverage. Then apply the second
coat of stain shield while the first coat is still damp. Note: Colour enhancement or darkening
may occur on some material. A small test area should be applied and approved prior to full


Stain Shield is formulated to allow for the prompt removal of stains. Small minor stains can be
wiped off using a dry cloth or removed by using an absorbent material. Water blasting and
steam cleaning may be used in conjunction with an alkaline degreaser cleaning agent on large
areas or more stubborn stains.
Stains must be removed as soon as possible.


Wash all equipment immediately after use in white spirit.


5 Litre
10 Litre
20 Litre.
200 Litre.


6 months.


This product will permanently mark and stain glass, mirrors, auto paints and powdered coatings,
therefore take required action to prevent product from contact by masking or covering all areas
except the area that is to be treated.


Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.
Provide adequate ventilation during application.
Repeated or prolonged contact may cause injury to skin or eyes.
Repeated or prolonged inhalation of vapour may cause respiratory irritation or intoxication.
Westox Stain Shield is flammable, keep away from heat, sparks and open flames.


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