Plastalite Stone Repair Mortar


Plastalite Stone Repair Mortar is a two component acrylic modified cement based repair mortar.


Formulated for repairs to horizontal, vertical and overhead repairs on stone, render and mouldings.


  • Easy application
  • Pre-packed
  • Non Corrosive
  • Lightweight
  • Non Toxic


 Working Time  30 minutes at 20 degrees celcius
 Minimum Build  3mm
 Maximum Build  80mm
 Compressive Strength  10Mpa – 7 days      20Mpa – 28 days


All surfaces must be sound and free of loose material or any contaminants.


Gradually add the Plastalite Stone Repair Powder to the required amount of gauging liquid and mix to a smooth workable lump free consistency.  The over use of the gauging liquid may cause slumping.


Apply the mixed mortar by trowel or float to the previously dampened surface.


Do not use Plastalite Stone Repair Mortar to repair sandstone that is contaminated with salt from rising or lateral damp.


Plastalite Stone Repair material is formulated to cure under normal conditions.  If applied in high temperatures or windy conditions, measures should be taken to prevent premature drying.  Occasional dampening or covering the area with shade cloth may also assist the curing process.


A wooden float or sponge may be used to achieve the desired finish.


Plastalite Stone Repair material is available in 20kg kits (15kg powder & 5kg gauging liquid).

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