Plastalite Fairing Coat


A polymer modified thin application lime and cement fairing material for vertical and overhead surfaces.


For thin bed trowel application over sound masonry substrates to provide a flat smooth surface suitable for painting.  Also used for filling blow holes in concrete.


  • Thin bed application
  • Can be trowel finished
  • Can be sanded to a feather edge
  • Easy workability
  • Easy clean up in water.


Westox Fairing Coat should not be applied over existing coatings without first carrying out a trial for compatibility.


Surfaces to be treated should be sound, all loose material must be removed prior to application, surfaces must be free of grease, oil or form release agents or any material that may effect the adhesion of the Westox Fairing Coat.  Dampen the surface to minimise suction if necessary.


Mix with clean potable water to a usable consistency; do not mix more material than can be applied within 30 minutes of mixing.  Apply by trowel to a smooth surface, a small amount of water thrown on the surface after initial set will assist in smoothing.  Any sanding required should be left until the next day when the material is dry.  Allow 3 days cure before coating.


All tools should be washed in water while material is still wet.


Fairing Coat is supplied in a 15kg triple wall paper sacks.


Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions

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