WB 30 Epoxy is a coloured two part water based epoxy.


As an internal tanking medium for sub-grade areas and as a low vapour transmission primer for Westox Acrylic and polyurethane coatings


Basements, concrete and cement render priming, lift wells, retaining walls, fishponds, water tanks (potable).


✓ Can be applied to damp surfaces. ✓ Binds concrete surfaces.
✓ Hydrostatic pressure resistant. ✓ Seal surfaces from oil, grease and dirt.
✓ May be over coated with Westox Acrylic and polyurethane coatings ✓ Suitable for application to brick, concrete and compressed fibrous cement.



All surfaces to be treated must be structurally sound, clean and free from previous coatings, adhesives, dirt, grease, oil or other surface contaminants. Very dry and highly porous surfaces should be sprayed with a fine mist of water prior to application of WB 30 Epoxy. Do not apply if temperature is below 10ºc or above 35ºc. Do not apply if rain is imminent.


Mix the hardener component, then the resin component, then thoroughly mix 1:1 by volume, the required amount of the two components together in a separate, clean container. Preferably use a power stirrer for mixing. Only mix an amount that can be used within the pot life of the product, avoid excessive aeration.


Thinning the first coat with a maximum of 10% water is allowed for high porosity substrates. Thinning of the second coat is not recommended.


As a Primer Apply WB30 epoxy at the rate of 5m2 per Litre, one coat. Allow 24 hours at 25°c before over coating. To Form a Vapour Barrier Apply two coats the first coat at 3m2 per Litre and the second coat is applied at 5m2 per Litre. Allow 4 hours drying time at 25°c between coats. During cold conditions, a 24 hour drying period may be required.


2 hours at 25°c / 50% RH NOTE For specific internal tanking applications refer to Westox Technical Dept.


Wash all equipment in fresh water immediately after use.


4 Litre Kit, 20 Litre Kit. Colours: Grey or White.


3 months.

SAFETY Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.

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