High Strength Ground



Westox High Strength Grout is an acrylic modified grouting mortar formulated for a wide range of uses.


Westox High Strength Grout is used to “set” posts or railings in concrete slabs for leveling uneven surfaces on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


  • Quick setting
  • 90 Mpa. Compressive strength after 28 days. 55Mpa at 5 days. 20Mpa at 24 hours
  • Can be coloured if required
  • Self priming.
  • Pourable or trowelable (Adjusted by mix ratio).
  • Supplied in kit form.
  • High Adhesion.


Ensure surface to be grouted are free from oil, grease, dirt, dust or any other materials that could affect the adhesion of the grout to the surface. Application to damp surface is allowed provided that there is no free or running water.


Mix material by placing the Part B liquid into a mixing vessel then adding Part A powder to the required consistency. The setting time of the Westox High Strength Grout is 1 hour @ 25oC. Faster in higher temperatures and slower in lower temperatures.


Clean all tools and equipment in water before the grout has cured.


Westox High Strength Grout is supplied in 25kg bag Powder (Part A) and 5 Litres Liquid (Part B)
(Makes approximately 12 Litres of Grout).


  • Do not add water to mix.
  • Do not retemper after initial set.
  • Do not apply at temperature exceeding 35oc or below 5oc.
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