D-LAM 20 is a solvent based paint removal system in an easy to use paper pulp carrier.


Used to remove paint coatings from timber, plaster and masonry.  By timing the application paint can be removed 1 coat at a time or several coats together.  The D-LAM 20 is ideal for exposing heritage stencil work that has been hidden by numerous coats of paint and graffiti removal.


  • Non caustic
  • Non methylene chloride
  • Controllable
  • Self Neutralising
  • Can be used on most substrates
  • Easy to use


 S.G.  1.02 – 1.04
 Flashpoint °c  52 (pmcc)
 Miscible with water  


Apply D-LAM 20 by trowel at approximately 3 to 4mm thickness.  Reaction time can be as short as 20 minutes for 1 coat removal and 24 hours to remove up to 6 coats.

After the required dwell time, remove the D-LAM 20 from the surface and avoid removing the coating, place the D-LAM 20 into a bucket and mix 50/50 with fresh D-LAM 20 ready to use again.  Remove the softened paint separately and dispose of in the appropriate manner.  Reapply the remixed D-LAM 20 and repeat procedure until the desired removal is completed.

It is advisable to apply a test area prior to the commencement of each project to assess its suitability and most affective application method.


Wash all equipment in water.


Container Size: 4 Litre and 20 Litre containers.


Refer to Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.

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