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Concrete and Masonry Water Repellent.
Additive for Cement based mortars to provide water repellency.


Westox Silane WB is a milky white poly functional silane with an extremely low voc providing maximum
protection for concrete and masonry surfaces.


Westox Silane WB penetrates and chemically reacts with all cementitious surfaces, protecting
them against CO2 penetration, spalling and re-bar corrosion by locking out water and harmful
waterborne contaminants. Westox Silane WB will not discolour or otherwise alter the
appearance of concrete and masonry surfaces.
Westox Silane WB can also be used to impart water repellency to cement based mortars and
screeds to remove the capillary and prevent efflorescence occurring. Use at the rate of 4 litres of
Westox Silane WB to each 20kg bag of cement, any additional water required to bring to correct
consistency is done by adding more clean water.


Maximum water repellency
Alkali Stable
UV stable
Cost effective
Protection barrier against chloride laden water
Can be applied to dry or slightly damp surfaces
Chemically bonds to surface, providing long term durability
Reduces efflorescence


Colour Milky White
Active Ingredient Silane
Components One
Application Method Roller, brush or low pressure fan jet pump spray
Theoretical coverage per coat Brick 2 - 5m per litre
(2 flood coats required) Concrete 5 - 8m per litre
Concrete (steel trowel) 7.5 - 10m per litre
Drying times @ 25c Touch 20-40 minutes, (subject to substrate)
Full cure time 3 days
Note: Coverage rates are intended as a guideline only. The texture and absorption characteristics of
the surface will determine the actual coverage rate.


Application should not proceed during inclement weather.
Westox Silane WB will react with airborne water vapour whilst wet.
Do not leave lid off container when not in use.
Not recommended for below grade waterproofing or application where water pressure is from interior
of wall.
Westox Silane WB will not prevent penetration through unsound or cracked substrates.
To prevent damage to nearby shrubbery and landscaping, cover or protect with a drop sheet.
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Surface cleanliness is critical to final appearance of substrates treated with Westox Silane WB.
All oil, grease, form release agents and air pollution deposits must be removed prior to application.
All surfaces are to be structurally sound.
Mortar joints and masonry that has voids, or is cracked, or contains weak or unsound material must be
repaired prior to application.
Should high salt content be present, desalinate with Westox Cocoon.


Westox Silane WB repellent is a single component emulsion, ready to use from the container.
To ensure the best application, the substrate surface temperature should be above 5c and below
35c.To provide adequate coverage in a minimum amount of time, use low pressure airless (knapsack)
spray and flood coat the surface, starting at highest point.
Apply in a uniform manner in sufficient quantity to completely wet out the substrate.
Overlap each pass to avoid gaps and areas of insufficient coverage.
Apply second coat, wet on wet i.e. while the first coat is still wet.
Should high salt levels be present desalination is recommended prior to the application of Westox
Silane WB. Refer to Westox Cocoon Data Sheet.


Clean tools and equipment immediately after use in clean water.


Container size 5 Litre and 20 Litre
Shelf Life 6 months. Store in a cool, dry place


Refer to the Westlegate Pty Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for instructions.


This product will permanently mark and stain glass, mirrors, auto paints and powdered coatings, therefore take
required action to prevent product from contact by masking or covering all areas except the area that is to be
This product is not suitable for application by conventional high pressure spray equipment that will atomize or
vapourise the product. Application should be carried out by low pressure (knapsack) garden type sprayer or
suitable airless equipment that does not atomize or vapourise. Flood coating is the general term stated for



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