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Westox Building Products consist of systems for renovation, restoration and conservation of heritage and modern buildings.

The range of products include waterproofing products, long life coatings, render systems for waterfront properties and a complete range of materials used in the restoration and conservation of heritage structures.

A complete system for the treatment of rising damp from moisture meters to assess the problem, injection fluid and injection machines for the dpc installation, desalination materials or render additives used in the reinstatement of the wall finishes as well as traditional heritage lime mortars.

Westox also have the complete system for the reinstatement of wood lath ceilings as well as the re-attachment of heritage plasters to brick or stone walls.

Our coatings range from long life coatings with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years used in extreme coastal environments through to traditional formulation lime washes used on some of Australia’s oldest buildings.

The services offered by Westox include consultancy on heritage plaster projects and damp proofing as well as salt analysis when excessive contamination is an issue.



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